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At My Compass Group, we look beyond mere numbers. We see individuals, stories, and untapped potential. We recognize our shared duty to treat every community member with respect and to ensure they have access to fundamental necessities. Consequently, our community cause campaign for the upcoming three months is devoted to supporting The Lend a Hand Project, a distinguished local nonprofit based in Bohemia, NY.


At My Compass Group, we don’t just see these statistics. We see faces, lives, and potential. We believe it's our collective responsibility to ensure every member of our community is treated with dignity and has access to basic needs. That's why, for the next three months, our community cause campaign is dedicated to supporting The Lend a Hand Project, a renowned local nonprofit organization in Bohemia, NY.



This quarter's campaign focuses on spreading the word about the Lend a Hand group's inspiring work in the community. Its noble team of staff and volunteers has helped build personal connections with thousands of people in our community who are in need but have nowhere else to turn.


Being homeless is more than just living without a stable living environment; it also puts one's emotional and physical well-being at risk. Our agency is committed to supporting programs that help the less fortunate obtain the means to lead healthy, productive lives. This quarter's campaign focuses on spreading the word about the Lend a Hand group's inspiring work in the community.


It breaks our hearts to see families struggling with hunger, but we know we can help in some little way through our organization's work. To fulfill this, we're devoting our agency’s efforts to easing hunger in every way we can. We will collaborate with members of our community that share our same vision; if we work together, we can improve life on Long Island.


Food: It’s one of our most basic needs and one that far too many of our neighbors don’t have enough of. Our goal is to raise awareness around the lack of resources offered to children from underprivileged families. Our latest Community Cause campaign will provide assistance and resources to improve the lives of local children experiencing food insecurity.

Save Long Island from Hunger!

The population of Long Island is increasing at a very rapid rate. There are more mouths to feed, and so many families are having trouble keeping up with the rising cost of food. The result is hunger and hopelessness for many families around us. According to statistics, every one out of four people is suffering from malnutrition, with numbers increasing every year.

Feeding Long Island

Long Island Harvest Food Bank is a nonprofit that functions as the critical link between those with excess food and those who need it most. Volunteers and staff of this noble organization have made incredible strides to reduce hunger. Through food distribution programs and partnership collaborations, more than 130 million pounds of food have been distributed since its inception in 1992. With help from the community, this number can increase drastically.

Healing the Spirits of Kids Battling Cancer

When one of our little ones falls ill, we worry and feel hopeless. Now, imagine how difficult and world-shattering it can be for families when they are faced with a tough medical diagnosis of their small ones. We don't believe any parent can ever be ready for such an event and that's why we have decided to raise support for the efforts of The For a Day Foundation.

Support Special Olympics New York

Join us as we support this meaningful cause and bring attention to the importance of staying vigilant and compassionate in order to break free from the barriers of discrimination and help our friends and neighbors live their best life possible.

Compass Insurance Group Joins Agents Of Change Movement

Compass Insurance Group is dedicated to impacting our community by doing what we can to help others Live Well and Thrive. We are committed to being Agents of Change.

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