RV Insurance

Recreational Vehicles

If you own a recreational vehicle, then you need recreational vehicle insurance. You can live in an RV, but it’s still a vehicle that needs insurance coverage. The difference is that RV insurance also covers belongings within the RV.


You should register and insure your RV before you take your first trip. You need to meet minimum insurance requirements that have been set by your state. If anything, make sure to at least get a basic policy that includes liability coverage. If you are at fault for a collision, this policy will help you cover some or all of the medical bills and legal fees for the other person.


Insurance for RV Owners

RV insurance is basically a combination of home and auto insurance. This is because you and your family will most likely be sleeping in the RV during road trips. This coverage extends to any guests who are visiting, your camping spots, and even the gear you store in the vehicle. In some cases, RVs contain thousands of dollars in possessions.

Comprehensive Policy

A comprehensive policy is probably the best. Breakdowns, thefts, and vandalism can occur while you’re on the road. This is why comprehensive coverage is recommended. Some policies offer a variety of features, including roadside assistance, towing, and even coverage for your lodging expenses if the vehicle is damaged.

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