In the midst of Long Island, NY, the challenge of homelessness remains a persistent reality. Recent data shows that annually, our community sees over 3,800 people facing homelessness. Each of these individuals carries a unique narrative, harboring dreams and goals akin to ours.

At My Compass Group, we look beyond mere numbers. We see individuals, stories, and untapped potential. We recognize our shared duty to treat every community member with respect and to ensure they have access to fundamental necessities. Consequently, our community cause campaign for the upcoming three months is devoted to supporting The Lend a Hand Project, a distinguished local nonprofit based in Bohemia, NY.

What connects us to this extraordinary organization? A mutual mission. Both Compass Insurance Group and The Lend a Hand Project are deeply committed to improving the lives of the vulnerable populations within Long Island.

Operating from Bohemia, NY, The Lend a Hand Project serves as an essential resource for those in need, providing vital supplies, financial support, and programs for skill development. More than offering immediate help, they work towards systemic change and raise awareness about the hardships that at-risk groups endure. Their efforts not only offer immediate support but also enable individuals to work towards a more hopeful future.

Join us in making a difference in the lives of our neighbors in need through acts of kindness and support for LAHP. The Lend a Hand Project welcomes donations to further its mission of assisting vulnerable individuals and families in Long Island. For every referral you make to us for an insurance quote, we’ll contribute $10 towards feeding these families in need!



(631) 318-0008

80 Orville Dr Suite 100
Bohemia, NY 11716

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