Long Island is facing a critical challenge with access to food and essential resources, impacting a large number of its population. The current poverty rate has reached its highest point in over half a century, leaving approximately 197,000 people living below the national poverty line.

The issue of homelessness goes beyond lacking a stable living environment; it takes a toll on emotional and physical well-being as well. Our agency is dedicated to supporting programs that empower the less fortunate to lead healthy and productive lives. In our latest campaign, we aim to raise awareness about the remarkable work carried out by the Lend a Hand group within our community.

The Lend A Hand Project stands apart as an extraordinary organization, upholding the highest principles of charitable giving to positively impact the lives of individuals and families in need on Long Island. Through their dedicated team of staff and volunteers, they have fostered meaningful connections with countless people who find themselves in desperate situations without anywhere else to turn. Their approach transcends mere material assistance as they strive to create a supportive network that breaks the cycle of hopelessness. By alleviating financial burdens and respecting each individual’s autonomy in determining the path to relief, they are making a lasting difference.

Impact the life of a neighbor in need through LAHP acts of generosity and help. To further its mission of aiding vulnerable individuals and families on Long Island, the Lend a Hand Project gladly accepts monetary contributions. Simply recommend friends and family to us for an insurance quotation, and we’ll donate $10 to help feed these families in need! Together, we can make a real difference – for everyone!

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